Treating COVID-infections with a century old method

It was in the year 1918-19 that Spanish flu, one of the worst pandemic infected around 500 million people. Researchers found a way to treat the patients and that was by using the convalescent serum antibody from the people who had recovered from the infections. Similar study conducted in coronavirus infections published lately in the Journal of Clinical Investigation gives in depth details on the technique.


Now, researchers in the United States are working on the same model says Dr. Peter Hotez,  a professor of virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. This model was used in China as early as February 2020 claims Time magazine.


The treatment involves taking serum from patients who recovered from the virus because they essentially have high level of antibodies in their blood. The antibodies are then isolated and then given back to either the sick patients or for healthcare workers in lower dose so as to protect them from getting the infection.


It has been seen that the first responders are the ones to contract the infections in most of the cases owing to their proximity with the infected patients and also the viral load in part due to long work hours. Yes isolating the antibodies is important, so that people are not actually injected the virus itself. However, once isolation of antibodies is done neatly it can help lower the mortality when intensive care units are filled with very sick patients.


Until such time that vaccines are developed or new drug therapies are identified, using the convalescent serum antibody can be the thing to do for now.






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