Coronavirus alert- Blood group A more vulnerable

Amid the COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection crisis, a study done in Wuhan and Shenzhen has shown that patients belonging to blood group A are more vulnerable as compared to people with other blood groups.


People with blood group A had higher infection rates and their symptoms were also comparatively worse. This indicates that the people with blood group A are the ones who need to be more cautious with the COVID-19 virus. While people with blood type A are worst hit by the virus, it was also seen that the people with blood type O were the ones in whom the risk of infections was significantly low.


This is a result from a study conducted in over 2000 patients infected with the novel coronavirus in Wuhan and Shenzhen and compared them to local healthy populations. This might help recognize the patient population and medical personnel at risk.


The study was done in a small population and that there is no clear explanation of the underlying phenomenon. Therefore, extrapolating the results to a the entire population may not be a good idea, but we could at least be extra vigilant with certain blood types like A.


Previous studies of different infectious diseases had also shown blood type difference in cases of Norwalk virus, hepatitis B and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). This research could help us in identifying vulnerable people says the researcher Gao Yingdai from Tianjin.






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